Kenya update on Pastor Alexander

Prayer warriors,

Pastor Alexander has arrived in Kenya!
Another answered prayer.

Tammy L. Terry

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Kenya update – the weekend edition at PACE

Finishing Friday

Hey, people hey! We prepared dinner for the children sponsored by Stronghold and Rosedale. The total number was 33. This is such a blessing. We sit with the children, they tell us what they’ve been up to. We had a time of singing, speaking and then we shared a special meal with them. After eating and laughing each child received a back pack… full of school supplies and personal items. I have never seen such excitement! New shoes, toiletries, socks, They were so grateful. I loved just watching them! Those personal items spent will always be in my heart. That was our Friday.


Saturday we just chilled. Some went on safari, some visited another town, some enjoyed lunch with people they have established relationships with. All in all our day was good.

Paulette for the team❤❤❤

Sunday at Pace

After a inviting breakfast, with perky Sunday morning Christian’s we walked across the grassway to PACE for service put together by the teens. It was God motivated and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Each class has to either sing, or give a testimony. One of the youngest children quoted scripture. Before the morning message was given, Pastor Wachira spoke with the graduates. He spoke of how they will be leaving PACE but never leaving their foundation. He then had the Seniors come up, bow and he prayed for each one. It was a beautiful ceremony. Brought many of the Team to tears.

Finally. closing out the service I spoke from James 1:27. The message theme was “Have You Got True Religion?” I spoke to everyone that true religion means to take care of those who need help, NEVER looking down on anyone, and living a spotless life before God. I pray God was pleased with my offering. Hopefully the videos will come through and you will be able to enjoy what we experienced.

Now, I solicit your prayers. Vanessa and I are helping in the dinner preparations because Glenda is ill. She has not felt well for a few days. Lift her in prayer, won’t ‘cha? I know you will. Also one of Wachira’s brother-in-law has been sick with cancer. He’s home now, and the Ngamau family spent Sunday dinner with him.

Pray .Loving on you, Paulette taking one for the team!❤❤❤🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Kenya update – Tuesday beauty

The beauty of Kenya is that I wake up, get dressed and can sit out on the porch, soak in the sun with no one talking. Birds are literally singing. no people in sight. Just sit and listen. Noise not made by man. Noises made by the birds and small creatures created by the Master.

And then I shake it off!😂😂 Back in the house, we all say “good morning”, pray, eat breakfast, discuss our day, and we’re off!

Another day with blessings for the Seniors. Today we met at a church Manguo – which means “Hippos”. There is a hippo river very close by, the hippos walk through this part of town at night! (you know I wanted to go

find them😂🤪)

Alas, they said No. So… I helped the Nurses record BP, Heartrates, give deworming meds, etc… The entire PACE TEAM worked. As always we start with a small number, but word gets out and the line grows. Well on the church grounds there also is a school. The children were such a joy!!! We helped to serve lunch to both the Seniors and the children. Our hearts were warmed and blessed tremendously by our service. It is hard to find words that adequately convey our love. There was a Senior who they had to administer two breathing treatments to, and by the end of the day, he ate a plate full of food!!! Such a tiny person who literally frightened the medical staff. Quick prayers to Heaven!🙏🏾

We have seen God…and offered our sacrifice of praise!!

Paulette for the team 💚💚💚

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Today we hit the ground running!! Right into the arms of beautiful Senior citizens… I am so blessed by the wisdom and beauty of the elderly. Wachira is now pastoring a new church. New in every sense of the word. New building, new congregation. So much work to be done. But God is and will be good. The tin is up, and painted. The inside is a prayer request. It is under construction through prayer and support. (ya’ll know that means please pray and support)😃👍🏽

Well… we were expecting perhaps 20 Seniors to come out for BP reading, heartrate reading and eye care. Over 80 Seniors came!!

They were taken care of by our Nurses, given advice, and a healthy meal. It was truly hard work due to the language barrier, but worth every hour! There is a large amount of high blood pressure. They don’t go to the doctor because the cannot afford it. Blood pressure medication is extremely inexpensive, yet Seniors are basically living off of nothing. PRAY! These beautiful people have served their children all their lives, and now have very little to no assistance. They are beautiful souls.

This is my prayer, that they are cured, that God allows medicine to become available to them, and they live pain free lives. They also have arthritis, tooth ailments, headaches, etc… Pray…

Nurse Debbie did double duty, as she did female counseling/words of encouragement over at the home of Dorris.

Glenda is feeling better…God heard your prayers!❤❤ (Demi, she said ❤,and she misses you!)

Paulette giving up some ❤ for the team…

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Kenya FRIDAY update

Remember those beautiful nurses I spoke about yesterday? God used them in a miraculous way today! But, allow me to speak in order😉

Our morning began with chapel for the elementary and middle school students. We listened to beautiful songs, and prayer from the students. After our introductions I was given the honor to bring words of encouragement to the students. I gave the simple plan of salvation ABC (accept/believe/confess) interjecting my personal testimony of my conviction at the age of 4. The response was positive and I can only say “Because of God “…

Now for our drama of the day…

As we prepared to go to the Nursery (aptly dubbed “Baby class) we were given a emergency call. One of the children was involved in a head injury. Those 3 beautiful Nurses responded immediately to the call. The decision was unanimous to have the child transported to the hospital for stiches.

What decision would have been made had not the women been there? We don’t have to worry about the answer, because they were there…more about this later.

Vanessa was able to give the Bible story of Jonah and the big fish, with the children singing for us. We gave out clothes, shoes, crayons,and other small items. Of course we gave out “sweets”.

Back to the injury…the five year old was taken to the hospital. Stitched up, and all is well.

More on our big day tomorrow… I’m sleepy😴…

Paulette for the team❤

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Kenya update – Work started, Love given…

So. Thursday has been wonderful. We have three beautiful Nurses on this team, Renee, Miriam and Debra; each individual but one with the love of God. Today in the clinic they were able to see each child who came in with medical issues. This was a blessing because sometimes teens will not speak to those who see them everyday but gladly open up with a stranger. Here, there are no strangers… Just women of God from across the pond… Some just need to know the love of God extends everywhere! Pray for one of the young men who is experiencing chest pain.

The staff of PACE has much to do with the Senior class preparing for final exams. Pray Gods blessing on them. Stronghold was able to present the staff with beautiful hoodies at Staff devotions – A rich heartfelt loving tribute to them. Being here is Gods thank you.

The new team members have listened to orientation and for those of us who know history we looked on this as a review- what a marvelous thing God has accomplished in the last 30 years!!! Remarkable Savior!

From a vision to hands on land, to buildings being built, staff being hired, children being accepted, grades being added, dining room, girls dorm, boys dorm, Mission home, all built with love… God’s love, your love, our love… it is good in the sight of the Lord

It is well… Until tomorrow…Paulette for the team…❤❤❤

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Global Impact – Kenya Team On Their Way!!! Pray!

Their plane took off from Detroit last night at 8:30pm and this morning they change planes in Amsterdam.

But no matter where they are, God Is.

And so we pray for them as God watches over and protects their travels.

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