Why are we here? — Haiti Update, Feb 25

The Power of Strategic Partnerships…Ebony & Ivory
Trinity, The Dale, COTP
Possibilities to join God in His good works in Haiti

Children of the Promise greatly impacts its Haitian community by providing jobs. It currently employs 110 people with 90% of them being Haitian. Which means 100 families have steady employment from the local community. Their presence on site economically prospers the neighborhood’s the babies, children & families . THIS IS A VERY UNIQUE APPROACH TO CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Additionally, COTP actually provides electricity & water to the surrounding neighborhoods of Lago Sette.

There are great possibilities in this God designed strategic partnership to serve the “least of these” in some very unique ways. This vision trip aided in understanding the ministry here and to listen and see how God desires The Dale to join His good works with COTP. Several possibilities stood out:
Traditional adoption effort target international adoptions but COTP, has launched a effort for Haitian children to be adopted by Haitians. This will require empowering potential Haitian families a initiative The Dale will be needed to brain storm on. Great open doors here.
Ø Adoption here remains an option for some children. No children have ever aged out of COTP – they have all been adopted: 80% to Americans and 20% to Canada & Europe.
Ø However, there is currently a growing population of special needs children who may never be adopted. COTP houses these children in foster care type runned homes complete with parents. And even though the goal is to keep kids here in Haiti or return them to their families this special population may be the first to remain here indefinitely for now.
Ø As a result, Haitian Nanny support & encouragement is an ongoing need. These wonderful ladies provide exceptional care to all of the babies and children.

Ø As opposed to institutional settings – remove them from their countries to have “better” lives
Ø Temporarily living here but will return to their families when they are ready
Ø In addition to the babies and special needs children, COTP will be taking on 350 kids grades pre-school through 7th grade next year; the following needs are to be considered
o Teacher training
o Curriculum development
o Vocational training
o No secondary school exists locally so transition alternatives must be explored
Ø There is an exceptional staff here who is very young in age but committed to the core, however they also have unique needs:
o Chaplain or other leader/elder is needed so they can stay spiritually refreshed
o Fundraising training
o Family support

Now that you have some idea on what’s going on in Haiti please begin praying as Trinity, The Dale & COTP does not yet have any official defined committed partnership established for the long term. Areas of continued exploration include:
Ø Financial supports
Ø Boots on the ground at regular intervals
Ø On-going established commitments

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Update — Haiti Missions

This day God made here in Haiti caused major rejoicing. The day began with Melinda leading a group of us on an early morning mile walk down the streets of Haiti. The mountains rose to greet the sun in front of us while the goats and cows sang to us as we strolled along.

Doug blessed our hearts with morning devotion taken from Isaiah 40 and shared how Parkinsons will not dictate nor have the final say in his service to God. His obedience to continuing to build despite his daily struggles is so encouraging. He is even teaching the next generation as part of his service. Ethan is one of the energetic teens Doug has been passing on his carpentry skills to. And when Ethan was unsure how to proceed or found glitches in the wood Doug the ever patient teacher would say “I’ll show you how to fix that later” And they continued on with the lesson. The old teaching the young – training them up!

The children here are placed in home environments with house parents and the physical structures are in need of care. There was plenty of cleaning, painting walls, sorting equipment and organizing going on all day and well into the evening. And if that’s not enough to keep this talented team busy, concrete was being poured for a sidewalk that will allow the wheel chair bound babies to easily navigate the grounds. Such a simple thing that can be taken for granted. However, the rainy season can cause the grounds here to become mini ponds and lakes which prevents the wheelchair bound babies from leaving their homes for days.

The staff here are in need of our prayers. They of course work tirelessly all day and night caring for the children. The family house just below where we are staying has 8 children. 4 of them are completely immobile and the remaining 4 are crawling and scooting. The house mother is a nurse which helps a lot because several of the children are on anti seizure medication. She and her husband must fund raise many thousands of dollars to help keep this wonderful ministry operating. Please pray they are supported in all areas of their lives. Please be an answer to that prayer. There are about 5 other “family’s” here operating in this same fashion.

Pastor Cross was able to minister to the leadership here in a wonderful and well received manner. They shared war stories from the missions field and blessed each other with conversation.

Pizza for dinner was a hit but the brownies for desert were tops. Following dinner Pastor Cross led evening devotion continuing where Doug left off in Isaiah. Pastor Cross challenged the team to listen to what God may be telling this collective cross cultural team. Afterwards there was moon watching on the roof and now everyone is slowing down for the evening. I trust this provides you with much to offer up on our behalf. And praise God for his mercies.

Good night,
Tammy for the team
p.s. for more information go to http://www.childrenofthepromise.org

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Day 1 — Haiti Missions

Good evening all,

We thank God for safe travels to Cap Haitian. As we arrived at the airport Pastor Gerry was the first to greet us with a most warm smile. It was good to see him already settled here in Haiti. The Trinity team was already in full swing with their projects. Doug was the first to share a hug filled with saw dust from his work shed where he was busy building a crib, table & bed. What skills that man has!

We were taken on a talk & tour of the facilities of which I will share more later. A wonderful dinner was prepared by our sisters from Trinity consisting of lasagna & garlic bread. And now most have lain down for the night.

Please pray that our time here is fruitful. Pray that we see and understand God’s call on us as we are here. The mosquitoes have waged an all out war against us and we are fighting back with “off” and any other available repellent!

Thanks for praying with and for us.
Until tomorrow,
Tammy for the team.

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Update — Haiti Feb 24

Good evening good people,

Once again Melinda led our powerwalk first thing this morning. On the way back to COTP the kids walked with us or we walked with them as they were making their way to school all dressed in their pink & gray uniforms.
Pastor Cross & team have invested hours here asking questions, hearing needs observing the great work going on so he can best do what has been requested “partnership” with this unique ministry & help take it to the next level

So yesterday Doug built a table and today he built a twin sized bed! I hear for an encore he’s going to make a crib. Jesus carpenter serious skills!!! Pastor Gerry, Ethan, Tom & Greg took the sidewalk to a whole new level. It’s almost to the first house and the residents are so happy to see it. Please pray for them as they labor in the hot sun during what seems to me is the hottest part of the day. One of the workers became really ill from not hydrating.

Trinity has a really wonderful group of teen girls here who without a doubt loves the Lord and has servant’s hearts. Today they helped me assemble the gift bags for the nannies. Included in the bags are bandanas courtesy of Rosedale’s children’s ministry with a little note hand decorated by our kids. So the girls from Trinity wrote their life verses on decorated cards in both English and creole to add to the bags.

Marie & Melinda spent the morning at the market. Afterwards they did a lot of food prep for one of the house mother who is responsible for 10 children. Lots of chopping and slicing & dicing of vegetables going on. Thank you Lord for the great minds who came up with the food chopper called Ninja!

But the highlight of the day came when the group was gifted with the opportunity to just hang out and spend time with the children from one of the houses. After the teens completed arts & crafts for one family the family below us brought all 8 of their children out for fresh air and team Trinity loved on those babies for about an hour. They did movement exercises, played ball, and just held them in their arms. I think the adults had way more fun than the kids.
We are planning a economic community development summit with some key business leaders who are strong believers from the U.S. Canada & Korea & South America to launch a wholisthic strategy that will empower the disenfranchised here in Haiti. Pray pray pray God is up to something great

For dinner it was all about the tacos while sitting outside on the porch enjoying each other’s company. And now we are all slowing down for the evening. But I wanted to thank you for your prayers before I fell asleep.

Tammy, for God’s cross-cultural team

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Haiti Missions Feb 2016

From Trinity’s Bulletin:

Our Haiti Mission Team left very early Sunday morning and plans to return on Monday, February 29. Pray for safety, growth, and bonds to be built. Marie Yowtz will be posting info of the trip on her Facebook page. Participants include: Mary Jean Frierson; Melinda, Jaci, & Nikki Koetje; Pastor Gerry; Greg Kooiker; Brissy Kuipers; Ethan & Ellie Scholma; Doug Steketee; Tom Streelman; and Marie & Mackenzie Yowtz.

Rosedale Team: Pastor Cross, Tammy Terry

Organization we are working with:
Children of Promise


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Global Impact Kenya Team Special Celebration

To you holding high watch,

Before you read God’s Kenya team update I just want you to finish this statement: when I turn 80 years old I will be still serving God by _________________________. Now read on because “This is how you do it!!”

Our day has been filled with a variety of activities, all relaxing as we prepare for the trip home. It has been enjoyable, going to the beach (Indian Ocean), going into town, relaxing here at White Sands, I chased monkeys! (Real ones!, seriously on the front lawn! )🐵🐒 We also have continued to enjoy devotions – This morning Sister Marva spoke eloquently about how GOD will not forget (Hebrews 6:10), and spoke also of her love for the team that she prayed about so many months ago.

Well, tonight completed our last meal together (besides morning breakfast). We made it quite festive by giving Sister Marva a surprise 80th birthday celebration! She was totally surprised, and promises to “get us all” soon!😊
Everyone signed her card, gave her a beautiful caftan and the White Sands wait staff marched through with flaming torch, singing “Happy Birthday”! She was extremely happy and grateful to all. It was fun, and we wish her many more!

Lights out! See ya!

Paulette, for the team👍

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Global Impact Kenya update

David presented the team with a devotion this morning on “remembering your past”, so as not to forget you are responsible to enable the future of others”. It was good to know God had put us in positions to be a servant of the most High. Today was called “spill over”. According to Pastor Wachira, we wrap up all things from the last week and 1/2. We say our goodbyes, and handle anything that “spills over”. So, after going into town, doing last minute shopping for ourselves and our sponsored children, some of the team had last minute rehearsals, some spent last physical time with their “children”, others prayed concerning the bus, (in need of repairs), while some prepared departing gifts for the teachers.

At 4pm we all gathered one final time in the dining hall. There was singing, dancing, speeches, and goodbyes. Sister Marva gave a beautiful goodbye blessing on the children. Staff stood behind her, with hands extended toward the children as she spoke to God about the future the children will have. I closed by letting the children know, that it is GOD and GOD alone who sees that we are his laborers, bringing in the Harvest as the Spirit directs! Once we closed the ceremony, the Philly team gave prepared parting gifts to the male teachers (the women will receive their gifts tomorrow morning at the office of Dr. Dorris)

Finally, Eldred, Kanita, Tanisha and I helped to serve dinner to the young people one last time. It has been a joy. God has met us where God has put us.

Now, for the beginning of the journey home…
Paulette for the team…👍

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