So, now we are at the point where the children are gathering for us to meet with them, and serve them a meal. They walk into the backyard hesitating a little, but warming up quickly once they see those who are sponsoring them. There was a small presentation, where the children sang and thanked those who have sponsored them throughout the year. After conversation we fed them a meal that to me was a feast! Lamb stew, cabbage, lentils, fruit (bananas, watermelon) with mandazi as dessert. A mandazi is donut like without all the sugar.
Finally, the children were dismissed to the house where they were given gifts by their sponsors. You should have seen the excitement in their eyes! Many received gifts of clothing, shoes, watches, books, pencils, paper, hygiene items etc… The little girl I stole from my brother who’s name is Sharon gave David and I a list- we gave her shoes, books, pencils, a bracelet, all hygiene items, new school uniform, etc… She was so happy! Honestly I was happier than she! We gave her a watch and she has to learn how to tell time by next year! She’s a 5th grader now… If you knew her story you would understand why she hasn’t learned to tell time.
The evening was magical! After a few hours the children had to return to school. All the items they received will be taken home after October 29th. So, they wait in anticipation. Tired, the team went out to eat as a special treat (I went to bed, sore throat trying to happen… )
I’m a day behind still, but Friday’s events I will work in on Saturday! 😂😴😴
Love y’all!

Sybil Paulette Cross-Nelson

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