Global Impact Kenya update – Great days, physical drain… Missions!

I haven’t written in a few days, and I’m physically a little under the weather (minor cough). The work of the Lord has not stopped! Yesterday there was a graduation ceremony held here on the home grounds for three classes. The Nursery children have moved up to 1st class, 8th grade to high school (its called form 1) and high schoolers graduated (they are called form 4). If you could have heard the music as they marched down the road to the area of seating! (I’m trying to send a video) Everyone marched- students, teachers and administration! They wore caps/gowns(a gift donated by Christian Stronghold). We all stood as they marched in. Sadly, the only people missing were the parents.
Wow, why no parents? The government has said there can be no public graduation ceremonies due to the mass cheating on the exams that the 8th graders and form 4 children take at the end of October. Therefore, no public acknowledgement of the accomplished works that the children have done. How sad!!! So, the staff of PACE along with help from the teams here put together a beautiful ceremony! It was full of singing, and speeches. The top children were honored for their grades, and finally each child walked across the grounds as their name was read. They shook hands with their teacher, a team member and their Principal.
Iris Griffin gave words of encouragement to the graduating class as did Pastor Alexander. Both lifted the students up in Christ. Finally, Wachira Ngamau closed the program by thanking the children for doing their best, for bringing other students to the school and for the parents being behind the children.
At the end of the afternoon, everyone was served a delicious meal – most had seconds!
The teams returned to the house for a few hours rest, because at 5pm we had another task… To be continued😊😊

Sybil Paulette Cross-Nelson

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